Texas Hold’em Poker Sites

There are plenty of places to play Texas Hold’em online. Maybe too many — when holdem became a phenomenon, everyone and their sister opened up a Texas Hold’em site…and most of those were terrible, or just completely untrustworthy.

Luckily, many of those sites have either closed up or cleaned up their act as the furor over Texas Hold’em has calmed down, but there are still a few too many Texas Hold’em sites to choose between…at least, until you narrow them down, as we have.

The sites listed below reflect our personal experiences as well as researched testimonials concerning the best online poker rooms — we took into account the software, the resources on the site, the bonuses and promotions that were offered, and the level of customer service and support.

As always, make sure to do your own research and come to your own conclusions; in the end, nobody else can tell you what will end up working out best for you in the long run.

  • BoDog Poker — stylish and ultra high-quality, unbeatable traffic, great customer service. A top choice for many, many poker players.
  • Doyle’s Room — excellent site now on a great network (Cake) and many outstanding poker resources. Incredible tournament prizes, too!
  • Carbon Poker — great variety of games, attractive bonuses, smaller crowd with more fish. Good solid no-nonsense online poker room.
  • Ultimate Bet — very professional site designed by and featuring poker pros. Cereus Network is one of the best places for traffic & skill.
  • Absolute Poker — high-quality, no-frills alternative to Ultimate Bet. Use the mighty Cereus network without ‘poker lifestyle’ distractions.
  • Cake Poker — successfully transitioned from a small but great poker room to one of the best poker networks online Highly recommended!

There are a number of other good sites, so don’t assume that the one you see isn’t good just because it hasn’t made this list yet. For the most up-to-date poker information, try the poker new sites.

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