Real Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker is the game that single – handedly revitalized an entire generation’s awareness of poker and gambling in general. Holdem has been credited with creating (or, at the very least, inspiring) the great online gambling boom of the last few years — one that, despite meddling and interference from several sides, shows no sign of stopping.

But what is Texas Hold’em Poker? When you strip away the marketing hype and celebrity involvement, the whole range of ‘lifestyle’ distractions, what are you left with?

Basically, Texas Hold’em is a variant of the classic game of poker. At least as far back as the early years of the 20th Century, it was simply referred to as ‘holdem’ but became colorfully associated with the Texas origin — of the game itself, and / or the central figures associated with the game. Hold’em was brought to light (namely, the neon lights of Las Vegas) during the mid – 1960s by the legendary Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson (and a few others).

For a few decades, popularity grew among poker playing circles, but it was near the end of the 1990s that the interest started to turn into a full – fledged craze. Various reasons have been proposed for this sudden surge, but the central figure was Chris Moneymaker, who vaulted directly from amateur obscurity in an online poker room to the championship of the WSOP tournament in 2003. As a spectator sport with hidden cameras, Hold’em captured the public’s attention and sent untold numbers of eager players online to follow in Moneymaker’s footsteps.

The craze is dying down a little, but the momentum is still positive. Online poker rooms continue to grow and become more sophisticated in their approach, adapting state-of-the-art technology to an expanding (and demanding!) customer base. Unsurprisingly, Texas Hold’em is the focus, and the best online poker sites make the most of this attention by involving themselves heavily and intimately with hold’em stars of the past and present.

Really, this is one of the most popular forms of poker played today. There is a large following of people who will only play this and nothing else…

On the next few pages, we will give you a little lesson in Texas Hold’em, offer a few tips and clear up a few myths. We will also give you our recommendations about the best places online to learn, practice, and play Texas Hold’em poker. Online casinos offer other games as well if you fancy video poker or online blackjack. You can find several ways to explore a online gambling.

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